Time to rectify the mistakes

September 5, 2012 hatikumiliktuhanku


In the name of Allah the most gracious and the most merciful,

It has  been quite sometime I haven’t write in this blog because I am no more a student but a houseman in a hospital at the north region of M’sia.There is nothing to be proud when you are entitled as a doctor.The title is not more than a responsibility. To treat the patient the best that you can do.But as a human being the capacity of satisfying others need would be very limited.We want to give the best that we can .However due to time constraint we fail to do so.

It happens to me last night when I had double shift.I started my work at 6am.then went back home at 5.30am.Then, I got to go back to hospital at 11pm and stay there until 5pm next day.Most of the nite shift I was in the operation theatre assisting caeserean section done by the MO.By the time , I went back to the ward, there are  a few new cases to be attended.Patient has been waiting for hours.It happened to be that there are a lot of new OT registration to be done and I am the only one who took care of all patients in all 4 wards.Trust me it is not a simple task when u need to manage 4 wards alone from 11pm onwards.

To those who want to pursue a degree in medicine my advise is simple if you want a very laid back lifestyle better choose other profession.Because if you are on a nite shift you won’t be able to sleep.The patient safety come first then only your convenience.





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