Clean the rusty heart with Al-Quran

May 17, 2011 hatikumiliktuhanku


In the name of Allah the most gracious and the most merciful.

Alhamdulillah, till now we are still given chance to live in this wonderful world.

Counting back to a few years back , we are now far more matured in terms of looking at things that we have ever experienced.

Everything that has been fated to happen to us within a particular period of time has its own meaning .

Allah know best for every single creature that he had created.He knows what is the best for His slave.He had spared the best things out of our mind.

But we are waiting and hoping too much for the things that we believed will benefit us most.With our limitation of knowledge and wisdom, let’s raise our hand praying for the best things in the view of Allah.Since He is the Almighty God who owns everything.We are nothing except what was given to us by the Most Merciful Allah.

Allah test us in a way that we never expect.We as a slave of Allah should avoid ourselves from asking why this things happened to me why not to others.We should try hard to find the blessing behind what was happening.

It is because the loves of Allah that He want to test us.Allah want us to be close to him.To plead for his help and guidance.Allah wants to hear our humble voice repenting to him .

We are too busy with our worldly matters till we forget that everything come from Allah.We loves to watch TV, listening to radio, enjoys our weekends with family and friends .

But out of our consciousness we are getting far away from listening to the Al-Quran recitation, Reading the Sirah Rasulullah, Practising the sunnah and Performing the Ibadah that will please Allah.

Let’s listen to this young boy reciting Al-Quran.



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