To be dear to Allah

October 19, 2010 hatikumiliktuhanku


When there is no one could understand you, do believe that Allah always be there for you.Allah knows what u want , what u suffer from, what u hope to happen.Allah knows everything eventhough u might never say it loud.

hadith qudsi, “My servant ceases not to draw nigh to Me by supererogatory worship (al-nawafil) until I love him; and when I love him I am his hearing, so that he hears by Me, and his vision, so that he sees by Me, and his tongue, so that he speaks by Me, and his hand, so that he takes by Me.”

This hadis Qudsi really make me wonder.Am I good enough to get Allah’s love?Am I doing enough to get Allah’s attention?I am working towards it although its hard.As a muslim we must never give up.Let us keep on doing the good deeds hoping for the bless of Allah.

Please Allah don’t let us go astray.Do guide us Allah.Strengthen our heart and purify our soul.Please Allah grants our wishes and enlighthen our days and night with your rahmah.
Ameen ya Rabbalna ‘alamin



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