The colour of the paradise

June 4, 2010 hatikumiliktuhanku

In the name of Allah the most gracious and the most merciful.

How does it feel to be selected to one of the prestigious medical school?How does it feel when people are talking that you are going to be a well known engineer, accountant, lecturer or any professional?How does it feel when you get straight A’s in your UPSR, PMR or SPM exam?I am sure that every one would feel good and proud of her or himself.Even the whole family would feel and share the pride of having an intelectual in their family.

But have we ever thought how does it feel when everything seems to be black and colourless?How does it feel to be rejected by our own flesh and blood?How does it feel to be neglected by our beloved mum and dad?How does it feel?Do we really care about these?

Praised to be upon Allah who has given us plenty of blessings.But yet we are not being grateful enough for whatever we have gained.

If some of you got some time to watch movie,I would highly recommend this movie.It is kind of reminder for us who might gain most of the things that we want but yet still commenting that Allah is not being fair by not fulfilling some of our wishes.Let’s learn to be grateful.Whenever we are in the sky high never forget that somebody is suffering from disability and poverty.



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