GP rotation

May 3, 2010 hatikumiliktuhanku


In the name of Allah the most gracious and the most merciful

The General Practitioner, GP rotation has nearly reached to its end, alhamdulillah everything runs smoothly although there were few challenges and tribulations that I’ve been through during this clinical attachment.

Kak syida and I was assigned to the Klinik Kesihatan Air Itam which is about 15 minutes journey from our house in Menara Kuda Lari.We began our days there by introducing ourselves to the clinical staff there, then we were divided to 2 different group.Then, I was assigned to the laboratory room which is located in front of the consultation room.There I met Mrs. Choong and Mr.Subramaniam.They did help me a lot in carrying the laboratory procedure.I learned how to check the blood sugar,haemoglobin,full blood count, bilirubin level, and urinary dipstick test.

The most exciting and nerve wrecking part was when Mrs.Choong asked me to prick the heel of the newborn baby to withdraw blood for bilirubin level assessment.Holding the small, tiny foot of the baby who aged between 5-10 days did remind me how small I was when I was at their age.Alhamdulillah the baby did not cry while I pricked her foot.That’s really motivated me.For that moment, I start to remember how great my mum had taken care of me, from day 1 till now.I really miss my mum. But is is quite far for me to travel back to Pahang.Weekend holiday would never be enough.

Let’s get back to the rotation, I was lucky to have Mrs.Choong as my mentor.She explained every single bit of the test that they run in the clinic.Now only I understand how should I apply my theory in real life. Everything make sense.Mr.Subramaniam in the other hand, was very busy entertaining an array of patients waiting outside the clinic.He was very focus with his work.I did not
want to interrupt be continued

On the second day, I went to the consultation room which placed about 3-5 nurse in-charged.I learned how to withdraw blood from the patient.It is not an easy task though.It took a lot of courage and confidence.I could see my hands trembling while inserting the needles to patient’s vein.I look at the mak cik , she was very calm.That’s really motivated me to do a good job.The second time poked the needle to the patiet I fail to withdraw the blood.The syringe seemed to be stuck with the air pressure .I might not hit the vein but may be the muscle.Oh no, I don’t like this situation.I could felt my face sweating.I did not want to hurt the patient.Then, the nurse take over the patient.

Moral of the story never be to nervous but be confident and patient all the time because it will determine how well you are performing in whatever field u choose.You would not be able to pick a skill at the first try.It takes a lot of practice to master it.Therefore, don’t be disappointed too much if u fail.Because failure will boost your courage towards victory.If you have never fail you won’t now how glad you will be to pass with flying colours.

I did check for blood pressure.I only knew that the normal BP range for the kids is lower than that is in adult.I only realised it when I take a bp for a 13years old girl who has 90/40 bp.I was surprised at first.Then I asked the nurse “is it normal to have this kind of bp?”.She answered, “Don’t you learned about it?”.Far deep in my heart I answer her ” I haven’t had my pedriatician attachment yet, so I don’t know”.I admitted that the nurses were far more experts than medical student in terms of clinical skills.They had their clinical attachment since their first year not like me who only had it in the third year.

Removing suture on the patient , cleaning the wound and do dressing are very exciting job to be done for me , a baby in the clinical practise.It was a very enjoyable moment when the patient thank you after you do the procedure on them.

I was touched when a man with a walking stick came to the clinic and thanked the nurses who help to clean his wound after an accident.It has been 2 month since the tragedy.And he was getting well and his wound healed completely.I could see the happiness in the patient face.That’s really motivate me to do more good and do no harm to them.That’s why I love medicine



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