Thanks Allah

April 12, 2010 hatikumiliktuhanku


In the name of Allah the most precious and the most merciful.

Alhamdulillah, thanks Allah for all the happiness that You had given to me.I feel like smiling for the next hundred years for no reason.It is just unexplainable serenity that I really glad to enjoy for the rest of my life.After, all the hassle commuting to Seberang Jaya and tiring day having classes from 8a.m to six-waking up as early as 5.35am, just to make sure that I’m not late for tomorrow’s class.I really grateful to have this kind of feeling

Alhamdulillah, again thanks Allah.Tomorrow, I’ll go to Seberang Jaya at 6.45am.I really need to prepare myself physically and mentally to meet Mr.Imran, The Head Department Of Surgery.I can say I has a mixed feeling, feeling afraid if I am not competent enough to meet his expectation as what I have done in front of Mr.Naga.

From now on, I am trying to be more realistic and optimist on what is going to be happen next.I had heard this phrase ” Allah sentiasa sama dengan prasangka kita, jika kita berprasangka baik kepada Allah maka baik jugalah akibatnya dan juga sebaliknya.Jadi berprasangka baiklah kepada Allah” from an islamic forum really hit my mind.

Let’s take the criticism as a challenge to improve.I still remember Prof.Lee had once said if you want to know your weakness ask your enemy then only will you know how to be strong.Remove all kinds of stigma which might shield the flow of the knowledge.Being more sincere and truthful in seeking the knowledge might be the key element that I need to grab for the rest of life.Let’s purify our intention in everything we do to please Allah azzawajalla.

Bismillah hirrahmanirrahim,
Please Allah , ease my burden, enlighten my heart, give me joy and happiness, prevent me from any kind of sadness, disaster and depression.Thanks Allah for all the things that u have allowed me to experience.Make me a better person who always be grateful with all your gift and patient with all the troubles.



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