Those who love and care of you

April 6, 2010 hatikumiliktuhanku

In the name of Allah the most precious and the most merciful,

Alhamdulillah, all the blessing is to the Almighty God, Allah Azzawajalla, for allowing me to enjoy and celebrate the love and care which I might not really appreciate before this.

Having the surgical rotation in the Penang General Hospital did wake me up .Looking at parents who were having sleepless night taking care of their beloved child in the surgery ward reminds me to my parents and siblings.

Those who love and care of u would never ask what u want but understand what you need.And are willing to sacrifice although they might face the problem later on.

Life is about making decision.Every decision has the pro’s and contra’s.

Tears flow, as I remember how much my parents had been giving in to please their children.
They wake up early to fetch the child at the bus stop worrying something bad happen.Mum cooks breakfast although having a tiring journey the night before to feed the family.

Sometimes we children tend to show disagreement in certain aspect of life.We are thinking of having the life like everyone else.freedom and independent.But WE MIGHT FORGET that Who calms us whenever we are in fear, Who wipe our tears when we are crying, who carry us when we are too small to walk, who feed us whenever we are hungry.AND the utmost important fact that we need to know is who know us better than OUR PARENTS.

LET’S pray to Allah that we are given chance to take care our our parents and cheer them up.

This reminds me to a story in the days of the prophet where a young filial and devoted child ask the prophet: “Does it adequate what I have done to my parents to repay their kindness”

The prophet answering him “You won’t be able to repay them although you have been doing all you can ”

This shows how great their kindness towards us.



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