Allah would be sufficient

January 24, 2010 hatikumiliktuhanku

In the name of Allah the most precious and the most merciful

In our life we might face challenges and tribulation.We might get hurt by ones words or behaviour .Even worst if we are treated poorly by the people that we might know or not.We are not expecting a first class treatment but it would be sufficient if our existence and feeling are not being denied.

We as the slave of Allah should always pray for His guidance and strength .Never once, should we give up from asking him for help.Just keep on begging for Allah’s attention. Allah loves that and insyaAllah sooner or later Allah we’ll grant our wishes and heals our sorrows.

If this happens remember that Allah have said in the Quran

“Who ever fears Allah, he will make exit to them for every problem, fear and difficulty.regardless what the problem is.Let’s Allah be sufficient”

Therefore, we need to fix our relationship with Allah subhanallahu wa taala.



Entry Filed under: sabar dgn musibah

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