For the things that I don’t know how to react

July 8, 2009 hatikumiliktuhanku

I am so grateful that I am still alive for another day with my family is still there for me.But somehow life would not ever be as smooth as we always want.There must be some turbulent along the happiness.

Life is full of hopes and expectation.We live the life the way we want .We might always want to give the best for our dearly family.But sometimes we might neglect their opinion or feelings as we draft out our plan.Am I too ambitious or too selfish of wanting the best for them?

I learn something from this.When it comes to one’s life and future regardless how small the matter is we need to ask the person’s opinion as he has the voice to be heard.We might have thought that we might have plan a brilliant masterpiece for him.But he might have think the other way around.If and only if his thought is strictly wrong according to the law of Allah then only shall we forbid him from continuing his dream.



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