Why do u cover your head?

June 23, 2009 hatikumiliktuhanku

In the name of Allah the most gracious the most merciful

Last summer, my friends and I went to Paris for a holiday.On our way back to Dublin we met two different people asking us why do we cover our head.

I think they might know that it is a religious costume of muslim woman.But they might want to know why do we need to wear this.

I would say that I felt very regret for not being able to give a convincing and comprehensing explanation for the woman that I met at the Paris Airport.I just said that it is an obligation for all muslim woman to wear hijab.

Allah really wanted to give me a lesson on that night.After we reached Dublin, we boarded a taxi.Again, the same question was asked by the taxi driver.He showed us his beautiful teenage daughter who was well-groomed .He then said “I feel sorry for u for not being able to dress wonderfully and need to wear hijab”

Then I said “It is not like what u have been thought.We muslim women can take off our hijab in front of our father, brother and husband. We wear hijab because we do not want to attract the guys who might have wrong intention on us.We don’t believe in the relationship before the marriage.Do you know , that we are highly encouraged by our religion to dress sexily in front of our husband? “.I tried to crack a joke but still telling him the truth.

The taxi driver then burst into laughter and said “I should have been married to an Islam woman if I know this”

I might have took his words as it was.But after attending the Deen Intensif Dublin I only realised that there is a hiden meaning.It means that his wife have not been very special for him, since she allows others to enjoy her beauty.This is a response from a man in DID when I told the audience the story during the discussion session.Who knows man better than a man.



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